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Arise Youth Ministry

Youth Pastor: Charles Norton-Tucker

Arise Youth Ministry is about developing passionate life-long Christ-followers.  We are on a journey together to discover the joy of knowing Jesus and bringing His love to our world.  We want students to grow in confidence and purpose in who they are and who God has mde them to be.  We want to equip and release students to live Spirit-empowered lives with the understanding that relationship with Christ is the foundation for their entire lives, flowing into every aspect of who theyare and what they do.  We do this through study of the Word, prayer, mentoring, and having fun together, all with the purpose of living out what we learn and believe. 

Arise Youth (ages 13-18) meets on Fridays, 7 pm, at Providence Place for a youth-orientede service with snacks, games, prayer and the Word, followed by a whole lotta hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

Check out our web site ~  ariseyouthministry

A fire, a spark

a small and passing flame


A fire, a spark

such a small and passing flame

reconsidered, sets ablaze

The fuel, dry tinder

I've gathered, recovered

left over from hands far too heavy

A fire, alert

it piques, the mystery

plays cheerfully, and whispers

its breath, most fragrant

I'm consumed

I'm caught

those shattered and broken

fragments of an oaken beam

Just smoke

So thick, it's hard to see


The numbers



ticking down the time

the time

wait for it to pass


think about the time

Don't think about

The fire, and smoke

It traces

my mouth, yes my smile,

It's cloying, and sultry

It trickles down

My throat

 Is so dry

My breath, extinguished

So caught

That fire, sweet to sip,

to taste

the nip

it burns

the heady intoxication

tuning myself to heavy drums to drown you out

my fists, unclench

and knead my legs

that jostle, and shake the table

with my anxiety

with my wrestling

with my questions...


the fire, so sweet

the trail, it leaves

is ash, and scars

the reward of a momentary submission to senses

Your fire, it heals.

Leaves growth, speaks life

Not smoke, your breath

is cool, brings moisture

dewdrops thick with oil and balm

Your fire.

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