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 January 5, 2015

Messy church; Messy Messiah. From the most unexpected source a healing last night in the digestive track. Praise the Lord.

Arnet Hales


Had a report of a healed back from Sunday night as well from someone from Nanaimo. PRAISE GOD!!!!

Pastor George Ewald


November 10, 2013

Charles received prayer and his nasal passages cleared and the cold left.  Karen received prayer from Charles for a persistent stiff & sore neck.  Within seconds the pain started to subside.  Within an hour she had mobility back in her neck.   Aubrey in Florida has started to move all his limbs, eyes and mouth.  A women in Nanaimo whom Sharon prayed with is completely healed of numerous infirmity's.

Sept 24, 2012

Hi George, just want to let you know, my mother had to be brough to the hospital last monday by ambulance. Her heartbeat was 170 until wednesday, the doctor told my mother that they would have to stop her heart and restart it with electric choc. That morning I learn about the situation by my brother and pray for my mother, she was worry about dying that morning, when the doctor came back him and the nurse couldn't believe it, but my mother's heart was back to a perfect heartbeat ! I dont have anymore reserve about God's ability to perform miracle from now on. I am discovering the power of praying ! the power of the Holy Spirit and I am so grateful.

Pierre St. Laurent 


Sept 15, 2012

Hi there, Christine from Port Mcneill..I work up in Hardy at one of the salons and yesterday we had 2 interesting ladies come in..I believe they were traveling from Edmonton? One was a young lady with Pink in her hair ( she said she was a healer)  and the other was her spiritual mother..they came into the shop and prayed for one of our staff while there and it was amazing, the first time I have ever felt the holy spirit there..outside of a church with complete strangers ! I spoke to the spiritual mother ( wish I could remember her name) and then received a hug and then the phone rang and they had gone when i was off the phone..she did say they had been to your church..do you know if they are still around or recall who they are? i deeply regret not being able to speak to them more!

Christine from full gospel ;) 


July 20, 2011 

I must say God is so amazing!!!!

I just received this from momma Nancy over in thailand were we were ministering a month or so ago. I am in awe of how God would use our mountain top prayer. We are people of consequence because of who is in us! These are amazing reports. Be full of faith and God will be Faithful. You really can move mountains if you only believe.

Thankyou Lord for every soul saved.

Yahoo God way to go



Dear Steve, Christie, Paul, Lisa, George and Karen,

I just started putting all this together this morning. You all remember the prayer time we had in Elephant Mtn. after worship and lunch when we went to the church and worshipped and prayed for nearly two hours. Well, I am beginning to realize how much of an impact it has had in lifting the stronghold of Satan and beginning to release the light and truth of Jesus Christ. About three weeks ago one of the largest coffee owners from Elephant Mtn and a village representatives to the local government stopped in to see A-Je. The Akha business man started sharing how he wants to help the Akha more financially. After talking for nearly two hours, A-Je turned to the government representative who is Christian and said, “how can I pray for you? “. At that the man started crying and telling how far he was from the Lord and that he needed to come back to the Lord. A-Je and I had an amazing prayer time with him.

Then a week later we were contacted by a village that is about 15 kilometers from Elephant Mtn. That is in the valley of Elephant Mtn. They wanted to become Christian. I wrote their story up yesterday… Aje always says his two greatest joys are seeing someone come to the Lord and the second is baptizing them. Yesterday, Aje’s joy scale was off the chart. In Hoi Krai village 24 families (over 200 people) accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Which means, no more animal sacrifices to appease the spirits, and no more fear of doing something that will offend the spirits. Over 200 Akha in Hoi Krai are walking the “Jesus Road” today and learning not to walk in fear, but to trust in Jesus. Salvation among the Akha is very different than our Western approach to salvation. In the West, it is an individual decision and commitment. For the Akha the head of the household makes the decision for the entire family. In some cases, there have been members of the family who have desired to become Christian for a long time so it is good news. In other cases, members of the family are not sure if the head of their household is making a good decision or not. They are consumed with fear that the spirits are going to come and torment them for turning their backs on the spirit worship. In most cases, given time, these doubters will come to embrace a relationship with Jesus as they see and experience the love of Jesus Christ

As Aje spent time with leaders of this group, he heard many stories about how God has been moving on the hearts of the people for a long time to bring them to this point. One old man from the Yahbyahgu(our Akha last name) clan, shared with tears in his eyes that he had wanted to hear more about Jesus ever since he heard that Aje’s father, a highly respected Akha leader, became Christian over 12 years ago. Yet, there was a lot of hostility towards anyone in the village who expressed any desire to not worship the spirits any longer. He kept his secret desire to know Jesus for over ten year to himself for the sake of his family and to keep peace in the village. Little did he know that there were many other heads of household who were also beginning to have the same desires stir within them. Their very beings were crying out to worship the God of this universe who created all things.

Three leaders secretly met in a Christian Akha village to discuss what they should do. They feared being persecuted and being forced to leave the village. They did not know if their families would survive if they were made to leave the village, but decided that they wanted to become Christian. As they began to make plans to ask someone to come and help them become Christian word spread and they quickly discovered that 24 of the 90 families in the village wanted to become Christian as well.

Several of our staff, pastors and Bible students all went with A-Je. Buzi said, “When we arrived in the village, there was a spirit of fear and darkness that hung in the air. Yet after the first hour, when they started helping each family pull down their spirit alters and began praying with them the spirit of heaviness began to lift. The people started smiling and laughing and then joy seemed to be over flowing. It was a beautiful thing to watch such a transformation take place before your eyes. ‘The truth will set you free!’”

The village asked us to help put down a deposit on a piece of land and we were able to help them with the initial payment and are believing that the next three payments will come in. They are going to start to build a church on this coming Saturday. They all are going to build it themselves and each family is responsible for buying six panels of the roof tile.

We appreciate your prayers for these families as they begin to build their foundation of faith and grow in their understanding of what it means to walk the “Jesus Road”.

This morning A-Je said, “Oh………while I was coming back from Hoi Krai, I passed Li-Kaw (wealthy coffee owner) and he was with the government representative of the whole Wa Wee area (over 35 villages). They said that he wants to come and see me so that he can become Christian and be baptized.”

All of a sudden I remembered our prayer time and thought. Something was lifted and God is moving. Keep praying and thank you for your willingness to stand in the gap for the Akha and Elephant Mountain.


MAY , 2011

 Another praise report from the island    Last month at the Island Revival Alliance leadership meetings there were 3 or 4 visons shared of a tent travelling up and down the island this summer. In his initial checking Paul hansen found that a 250 person tent would run around $40,000.00. Mike & Denise Echterling, who were there, were talking with someone not long after leaving the island who had been willed a tent from an evangelist in the states. At this last meeting a week ago Paul received an email saying He has offered it to us for free and the cool thing is it comes packed in it's own trailler and comes with chairs a PA system and sleeping quaters for a night security in the trailer. Be praying into this as this so lines up with what we sense God about to unleash this summer in Port Hardy.  Qualicum is looking at doing a 24 hr burn in July and we are believing to tie all this in together. God has so intricatly knitted us together her on the island and we cover that unity in the blood of Jesus. Exciting times are a foot and the Spirit is on the move.


March 25, 2011

Hey George!

 We got home safe and sound. Thanks again for a great weekend. Here’s my personal report…

 I came to the weekend meetings quite weary from a lengthy season of testing, personal challenges, and a family crisis. God made it clear he wanted me to come to Pt Hardy and attend the meetings, and I was hopeful for a bit of refreshing. As I usually do, I underestimated the good things God has in store for His kids!

The times of worship and soaking in the presence of God were so wonderful. While I seldom hear specific things from God or feel touched emotionally during corporate worship, I was very aware of His presence. I want to thank the worship and church leaders for their patience in giving as much time as God wanted to praise Him and rest in the atmosphere of His love. Far too often, we rush past this with one eye on the clock. Particularly Sunday night, when we were able to be corporately silent for a lengthy period of time, was so very sweet.

The freedom in the teaching, ministry, and relationship building was also so great. The prevailing spirit over the meetings made it easy to engage with God and others, rest, receive, give, share, disconnect from my surroundings, and just BE! It wasn’t about doing, but about BEING in His presence and BEING who He created us to be as a body and as individuals. God spoke to me in different ways through the speakers, the ministry teams, the worship, and through individuals as God ordained connections. I left Port Hardy affirmed by God and His children, with a few pieces added to the puzzle of my life, and with a desire to return sooner rather than later.

On a more personal note, George, thank you for the opportunity to teach Sunday night. The atmosphere that you have cultivated made it so easy to be led by God and allowed a great freedom in flowing in my gift. I really do hope to get back soon, hopefully this summer. Give my love to everyone!!

 Gerry Hiebert


March 21, 2011

This report was just sent to me from one of the ladies from Sunday night.  So amazing what God is doing in our people!!! Such intimacy



What an Awesome God we Serve!


Sunday night was an amazing night in the presence of the Lord.  During worship, the call on my heart was so strong, I’ve learned over these last 6 months not to rely on the ‘emotion’ of that call – but the ‘hear’ the Lord and to obey, knowing He wants an intimate encounter/relationship with me. When I closed my eyes, at first I saw nothing. Then I asked the Lord to bring me deeper with him – I saw him, and I went to him. The words of the song were ‘let me be a sacrifice to you’, so I saw myself approaching him, kneeling, then laid across his lap as a sacrifice. He just loved on me, and I just stayed in His presence.   I then saw us rise up, and He began to lead me in a dance, I watched us as we danced and danced. As I watched this, I said to the Lord, ‘I don’t want to watch us; I want to experience this with you.’ Another thing I have learned over the course of this revival is that when I close my eyes and imagine myself in the presence of the Lord, to just go with it!!   As I act on faith and believe that what I am seeing, it is actually happening in the spiritual. This as been a true exercise of faith for this strong Choleric!


When I asked the Lord this, I had this strong impression to look down into my left hand; I saw a large red ruby in it!  (when I looked in the ‘natural’, there was no physical gem, but I knew God was to reveal it that night) I then began dancing with the Lord, and now I could feel him against me, I could smell his neck, and we moved and floated as if we were under water. I was fascinated by this, and continued in this dance for a long time, feeling the movements ebb and flow like the tide. I then saw the Lords arms as they were holding me, flow right through me. Again and again as we swayed, his arms flowed through me. I looked at him and asked him what this was; he showed me that His cleansing power had made me pure. The impression on my mind was like that of a filter, and there were no impurities in me. None.  He then showed me that we were blended into one. That where my body stopped, his began – and as he flowed his arms through me, we were joined. I in him, and him in me; two people, but one. It was amazing!


The spirit of God was so thick. It was the atmosphere for creative miracles, which was confirmed by Pastor Karen as well. After Gerry gave an amazing word from God, we began to pray for people. By about the third person I’d prayed for, I looked down and my hands were covered like never before with glory!  Many people were touched, and the Lord gave a powerful word over some. I believe the ‘gem’ tied into to Gerry’s message about the tool ‘exchange’. Our gem is what God gives us in exchange for whatever we are offering up to him. He gave me powerful images of people holding there gems, not taking our eyes off the prize no matter what we see in the natural. Without knowing what I had experienced that evening, others told me of visions and words that the Lord told them about gems after I’d prayed for them.  Another powerful night; more Lord.


side note; last night sitting with my husband, he brought his hands over to me and showed me pools of glitter on his hands and on his feet. God is moving in mighty, unexplainable ways!! A.M.


February 28, 2011

For the last week or so, I've really felt impressed that we (I) need to geot out or our heads and become like children.  Friday night I voice it to Rob saying as much--we contemplate, keliberate, intellectualize, rationalize things to death, and I mean literally - there is no life in metal gymnastics.  The only thing it accomplishes is to limber and strengthen me to do more of the same.  Then on Saturtday when the 'theme' was becoming like children, and joy, I knew it was toing somewhere...


March 1, 2011

Nov/08, the Lord sovereignly turned off a swithc in my head that suddenly and dramatically brought a peace and quiet that I had never know before, and haven't since.  I knew it to be a very significant move on God's part as it led me on  a steady upward ascent to a place that I long to return.  After a period of a few weeks, I reached the pinnacle of my experience Christmas Day.

What I experienced was perfect love, perfect peace, perfect trust, perfect faith, and perfect joy.  Although I was very aware I was still in my skin and walking this earth.  It was the most unreal place, and yet, more real than anything I've ever known.  There were not two realms any more, there was one realm - His realm.  It was uninterrupted communion with the living God.  I hardly prayed a thing for a few days as my spirit, mind, will, emotions, and body were completely engaged with God Almighty at every second.  At any time, ANYTHING could have happened, and I knew it!

My physical body responded very positively to His presence, and I knew that you simply couldn't be sick in that place.  Sickness does not live there, and lack does not leve ther, jus to name a couple.  I simply knew that everything Jesus did on the cross was complete, that God was God, and everything He said was the absolute Truth - I knew these things in every molecule of my being.

The whole sensory experience was absolutely amazing, but much more special than that was He just wanted to spend that time with me.  I could have asked Him for anything and I know I would have received.  The thing is, though, I had need of absolutley nothing because I had HIM!  He could have asked me to do anything, and I'm pretty certain I would have answered with a resounding yes, but He didn't ask anything of me except to just be with Him - It was all about intimacy, and intimate it was.

When this came to an end, or rather, as it was coming to an end, I distinctly experienced the descent.  The whole time everything inside me screamed NOOOOO.  I have cried many tears as my heart has ached to be back there, - particularly the first few months afterwards.  I have longed to go bac ever since.  It took me a couple of weeks to even breather a word of this to anyone as I really wasn't sure what ind of a response I'd get.  I didn't know how to explain it, and I still can't fully explain it.  You could call it the perfect rest spoken about in Hebrews 4 or going behind the veil into the Holy of Holies.  I would say yes and yes.  But whatever it is, I do remember saying to the churhc one Sunday morning that htis was where the Church would live to bring inthe end time harvest--where we would turn the world upside down.  I still believe that, perhaps more than ever.  To be very clear this was not anything I did.  It was what I now understand to be a foretaste of things to come.

So to get back to being like children.  Saturday moring, I realizes something.  When I had siade we had to get out of our heards and become like children, I finally understoood that when God sovereignly turned off my 'head', He was able to bring heaven to earth in my life.  Perhaps this is no wew revelation, but to me it's like one of those 'no kidding, why didn't I think of that' things.  Perhaps there's more. but to me the key is a matter of submitting my mind to the mind of Christ.  Sounds pretty simple.  Isn't it supposed to be simple - like, a child can get this stuff?

March 1, 2011......This morning I was listening to a teaching by David Martin, "Spiritual Preparation for End Times."  God gave David a vision two years ago that the Church was on the threshold of spiritual breakthrough, that the church is coming into a move of the Spirit unlike anything we have ever imagined or thought possible.  But, God said as much as I want to do it through you I can't, you are not ready for it.  God said the barrier is not a spiritual one, but it's our intellect.  The problem with mankind is we think like people.  We have to get to a place where we understand we are not of this world - there is a highter place to dwell in the Spirit, and we have to learn how to walk in this realm, where we are seated in heavenly places, where we have rule and reign and dominion on the earth.  It's not about natural knowledge and understanding, it's about how much we are submitted to Him.

So we must stop thinking like people and start thinking like Christ.  We must stop doing what makes sense and rely on the wisdom and knowledge of God.  Ie; When Jesus told Peter to catch a fish and take the money for taxes fromits mouth!  This comes froma place of sensitivity to the Spirit, which David say; prayer, fasting, self eenial = Sensitivity.



On the first night of this revival, Denise Echterling had a word for me.   She said, "God knows what your capable of and you need to  stop trying to talk HIm out of it."  Which I promptly did.  She also said He would give me boldness, which He has.  When I was a young person I heard a saying which I adopted that said "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to speak up and remove all doubt".........I HAVE NOW CHANGED THAT TO: "It is better to speak up and be a fool for Jesus that to remain silent and quench the Holy Spirit."

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in the Spirit.  You and George are an amazing blessing to all of us who have been feasting at the Lord's table.  I feel like we turned a page last night.   I know that God has new adventures for us and we wait in anticiipation of what they will be.

Thank you and God Bless



 In the 20 weeks I  have been challenged, prayed for, prayed with, I've been called out and called up.  I've been imaparted into, stretched and hidden.  I've been bold and encouraged.  To say the least .....that we've been changed .....is an understatement.  To say that I've changed is an understatement.  We as a church will never be the same again, and I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to do it with each and every one of you.  God Bless you!



When I finally decided to surrender.fully  I had been staying at my brother-in-law's.  It wasn't the healthiest enviroment, but I was staying there until my house sold in Squamish.  So I finally said enough of this, I have to get out and begin to take care of myself.  So I came here that night, and later when I returned home there was an offer on my house.....thank  you Lord!  I've been here almost 2 years and I haven't beenable to find full-time work.  Very rarely does full time position come up in aquatics.   4 tempory full-time postions become available in Campbell River.  Close on the 4th, interview on the 6th, get the job.   I now have full time work.....as soon as I decided to let God have control of my life....boom, boom , boom within weeks everything falls into place.  



 We prayed courage to step out and do what God asks us to do.  And then Wednesday (2 days later) I was driving down the road and this person was there hitchhiking between Port McNeill and Hyde Creek.  So I stoped and picked him up which I normally don't do.  (Anyways' this is kind of the new me).  So I pick this person up, he got in and I asked where he was going.  Anyways to make a long story short, I didn't feel released to pray.  So i just listened to his story and just chit chatted with him, and I'm thinking to myself.....I'm failing....I'm failing miserably.  I feel like I'm absolutely incapable.  It wasn't like I was scared to ask to pray for him....I just didn't feel released.  I'm feeling disapointed in my truck....in my own truck.  So I'm saying to myself... "what's up with this Lord? What do you want me to do?"  And all of a sudden this person turns to me and says, "Can you pray for me?"  God is going to give you what you need to have victory!!!!! YES, I can certainly pray for you.  So I prayed for this person.  So I just want to  encourage you to be willing and He will make it happen.



Hey George,

I'm not going to very eloquent but last night:  A whole new ocean AGAIN of worship.  Terrence slain in the Spirit at the drums - like someone grabbed the back of his head and slammed it into the snare- comatose - his words! - never happened to him before like that.  When Denise came up and we were singing in the Spirit (don't know if you were still with us or not)  I saw her look at her hands - saw the glitter...then I looked at the back of her black jacket -- full of glitter - looked at my hands - definite glitter - I was very excited...been asking for about 2 weeks.  When I went to the washroom - it was gone - but then when I returned and was ministering in prayer in was back! Increased!  At one point I was leaning against a pole - by this time people were putting money in your hands (see Friday, Nov 12th update for explanation) - I looked and saw 3 dimesional gold chunks covering both of your thumbs - from tip to base of hand - so beautiful!!

Love you brother!

In Him, Terry Ruth

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