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Thinking of Interning? Feeling called to partner with us at PHCF?


In order to have the best possible experience at PHCF, it is important to take into consideration a few things:


How are you supporting yourself?

-     do you have savings for living expenses, i.e., accommodations as in rent and accompanying bills, travel, food, “fun money”, etc while you look for employment?

-     Please check out out Employment Opportunities section for information on jobs on the North Island 


Where are you staying?

- Apartment, hotel, hostel etc…


How long do you intend on staying?

-     Do you intend on staying short term or long term?


What are your expectations in serving at Port Hardy Christian Fellowship?

-     i.e., training, impartation, etc?

-     What are you hoping to gain from being involved at PHCF?


In what areas do you see yourself serving at Port Hardy Christian Fellowship?

-     where are your skills?

-     where do your passions lie?

-     what do you have experience in?


How will your family dynamics be affected?

-     will your family be travelling with you?


If you are coming from outside of Canada:

-     do you have an appropriate visa?


What are our (PHCF's) expectations for individuals coming to intern? 

Come with a willingness to submit yourself to and partner with the vision and core values of PHCF. We invite you to come and learn the heart of PHCF.


We require interns to:

-     read our local church constitution, discuss with Pastoral Staff, and sign agreement to submit to and abide by LCC

-     discuss PHCF leadership policies and principles with Pastoral Staff, and sign agreement to submit to and abide by them

-     sign that you have read and agree with the basic fundamental statement of faith adopted by PHCF

-     work out accommodations and employment before arriving in Port Hardy. We suggest that interns have financial resources to cover accommodations, food, travel, “fun” money for a month while employment is secured



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